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The Firm

Jones Waldo is one of Utah’s most prestigious and pioneering law firms. We have been providing legal services to the businesses and community organizations that support and grow the state’s economy since 1875.

Built on a strong foundation of service and knowledge of Utah’s core industries, the firm continues to evolve through meeting new challenges, finding innovative solutions and advancing legal trends in the state. Our priority is to engage in dynamic and solution-oriented relationships with all of our constituents: clients, attorneys, staff and community.

Our current roster of attorneys consists of 75 individuals who are passionate about the law and servicing their clients. They are dynamic members of their communities and stalwart contributors to the legal profession. And though many of our attorneys have or will spend the majority of their careers with Jones Waldo, those who have moved on usually do so to serve the public in important ways. Our alumni are legislators, judges, political strategists, academicians and successful business leaders.

With three departments in business, real estate and litigation, attorneys at Jones Waldo have expertise to solve complex client needs in nearly every area of business. Jones Waldo has offices in Salt Lake City, Park City, Provo, St. George and the Chicago metro area.


For nearly 140 years, Jones Waldo has worked with clients that have enriched the economic, social and cultural climate in Utah. We were there for the transition of Walker Bank to Western Bancorp and then again as Wells Fargo took the reigns. We have represented Ballet West, the Utah Food Bank, Utah Symphony/Opera and many other nonprofit organizations. The Salt Lake Tribune has been a client for many years and the firm was instrumental in the formation and growth of Mountain Fuel Supply (now Questar). We were also privileged to have Calvin L. Rampton (three-term Utah governor) with us from 1976 to 2007. It is clear that the firm is an important part of the fabric of our community. We hope to remain so for years to come. 

1875:             Firm founder Joseph Rawlins forms his first law partnerships with Ben Sheeks.
1891:             Rawlins partners with Edward B. Critchlow. Rawlins is also a delegate from the Utah Territory to the U.S. Congress.
1894:             Rawlins is instrumental in Utah's bid for statehood. He introduces the initial statehood resolution for Utah which resulted in statehood two years later.
1897-1903:     Rawlins serves as Utah's first full-term senator.
1907:             Rawlins forms a new partnership with his son, Athol Rawlins, and his son-in law, William W. Ray.
1926:             Rawlins dies at the age of 76.
1929:             Will Ray and Athol Rawlins form the firm Ingebretsen, Ray & Rawlins with partner James Ingebretsen.
1939:             E.R. Christensen, father of prominent Salt Lake City lawyer, Ray Christensen, joins the firm. Joseph Severn Jones also joins.
1956:             Harold R. Waldo joins the firm (Waldo is a former Stanford classmate of William Rehnquist and Sandra Day O'Conner) Don Holbrook joins shortly thereafter.
1959:             Roger J. McDonough joins the firm.
1966:             The firm name is changed from Ray, Rawlins, Jones & Henderson to Jones, Waldo, Holbrook & McDonough.