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The Jones Waldo Women Lawyers Group comprises the 11 talented women practicing law at our firm.

The group is lead by Jessica Wilde.

Practice areas represented range from real estate to domestic and family law to healthcare to franchise law. And the attorneys are as engaged in the community as they are in their profession. Of particular note, group member Lori W. Nelson is chair of the ABA Family Law Section and past-president of the Utah State Bar. All members of the group are involved with organizations that promote both the personal and professional success of women in Utah.

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Poker Night, Ladies?
Posted on Jan. 14, 2013

 “The poker table is the new golf course,” says Ellen Leikind, founder of the corporate skill-building group Poker Prima Divas, who recently held a Ladies’ Poker Night event for women attorneys and their female clients at a large New York City firm. According to a Law 360 article, the players “learned how to leverage their chips for information and assess how other players’ personalities affected their style of play -- and, perhaps more importantly, attorneys got a chance to interact with potential clients in ways that laid the groundwork for future business relationships.”

Leikind claims that, “Poker is a tremendous networking opportunity.” It is an activity that may become more common as women plan events at which they can make connections with corporate decision makers and other potential clients, as well as enjoy a face-to-face atmosphere with clients. Why should poker be a just “for the boys?”

“The men in their lives don’t invite women to the poker table, whether it be professional or personal.” Leikind said. But she believes that the game teaches important lessons, like how to recover quickly form losses, how to identify and interpret nonverbal cues, and how to use the cards you’re dealt. The Law 360 article says that poker specifically promotes qualities that may not come naturally for women.

We all know that men and women network differently, so if you’re tired of fashion shoes and the golf scene, why not give poker a chance? The bet might pay off!

To read the Law360 article in its entirety, please click here.

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