Art Around the Corner, March 23-25
Posted on Mar. 21, 2012

If you spend any time in Saint George Utah you will quickly notice that this city has an enthusiastic population of artists and art lovers. This enthusiasm is evidenced by the non-stop supply of activities dedicated to the arts.

This weekend, March 23-25, is no exception. In correlation with the changing of the seasons and the revitalized energy of the spring, comes the annual transformation of the St. George Historic Downtown as the 2011 public art installations are replaced with the 2012 selections.  Pick up a map from the St. George Chamber of Commerce and take a stroll down Main Street and enjoy the new sculptures that adorn our beautiful city. It is a great way to cultivate art appreciation as a family, get some exercise, and explore what our community has to offer.   

Dan Toone is a Utah sculptor that has been participating in the Art Around the Corner event for the last few years. Dan’s fine metal sculpture combines spheres with sleek sharply defined lines that jut into space or fluidly snake and slither around the main piece. His work is sleek and sophisticated and his creations tend to dominate the spaces that they grace. Dan’s work can be viewed online at

This annual event is created by Art Around the Corner a non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting the arts and enriching the historic downtown of St. George Utah. Some of these works are available for sale; others have been purchased by the City and remain part of the permanent collection.

This Friday, March 23rd, the public is invited to attend a free reception in St. George, Utah. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet the artists of the new 2012 exhibit. The reception will take place from 6-9pm at the Leisure Services Building on 86 South Main in St. George Utah.

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Mountain West Arts Conference May 3, 2012

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