Impressive Line Up of Artists at Annual Jones Waldo Art Show
Posted on Mar. 14, 2012

In addition to Seth Winegar, the show will feature art by the following local artists.

Gian Ferrari

As a painter Gian’s goal is to emotionally impact viewers. She experiments with color, contrast, light and texture and utilizes clay, watercolor and oils in many of her pieces. Her skills are reflected exquisitely in architectural pieces reflecting various buildings and structures.

As part of this prestigious event, Gian will provide a live painting demonstration. She will be joined by artists Seth Winegar, Anne Weiler-Brown and Skylar Lui Chang.

Doug and Dianne Adams

Prior to becoming a full-time artist, Doug Adams worked at Nucor Steel in Northern Utah. During down time, he began looking for unusual metal pieces that he could sculpt into found-metal sculptures. His pasttime is now a passion.

Eventually he began to contemplate how he might incorporate sound into his work and after much experimentation began creating unique sculptures pleasing to both ear and eye.

At that time, Doug never imagined that his works would be sold throughout the southwest. It was not until Dianne Adams, a full-time watercolor artist, entered Doug’s life and saw his beautiful piece that he began to appreciate the affect his art could have on others.

Dianne encouraged Doug and helped him launch his career as a professional artist. He is now known throughout the Southwest as the Bell Sculptor.

Each of Adams' sculpture incorporates the chime of a bell--its tones carefully created to offer a soothing sound. Many of Doug’s current pieces also contain kiln-formed glass work created by Dianne. The two artists have come together to influence and embolden each other’s work. 

Dianne’s watercolors beautifully capture life in her beloved Utah. For over three years she has worked on creating a preservation treatment for her watercolors, and ultimately created a technique that is unique to her work.

Both Doug and Dianne have generously agreed to join us at the show. Stop by and meet them in person.

Skylar Liu Chang

Skylar is an exciting artist on the forefront of a burgeoning career. He works in watercolor and has a playful feel for color and space.

Skylar’s training in watercolor began in his early school days, when teachers singled out his talent. He was first provided with intensive training in the art of Chinese watercolor and then studied further into broader categories of painting. His works exhibit a maturity beyond his years.

Skylar has been selected as the "Emerging Artist" in the St. George Arts Festival. His work is currently on display at Split Rock Gallery in St. George, Utah.

A student at Dixie State College, Skylar is a Chinese native and was one of the first Chinese missionaries to serve an LDS mission. Skylar’s family converted to the LDS faith while on a business visit to Salt Lake City.

Skylar will be onhand at the show to discuss his work and plans for the future.

Anne Weiler-Brown

Anne's abstract paintings are bold and colorful--perfectly reflecting the artist's personality and vibrancy. Her works burst into existence on canvas, wood and a variety of other mediums. She tempts the viewer to reach out and touch her art, which she purposely designs for interaction.

Anne joins the rest of the artists at the show.

Kate Starling

Kate is a resident of Rockville, Utah. She has captured national attention with her artwork, which is highly sought after by collectors of southwest art. Kate’s ability to capture the raw, exposed, stripped down bones of the southwest landscape is matched by few. Although she has reached a level of excellence that is limited to masters, she strives to continuously hone her craft. Her knowledge of geology, her intense study of light and shadow, her beautiful attention to detail, and the boldness with which she approaches her palette and her work, are all reflected on her canvases.  Kate is a disciplined painter who has an intimate and passionate knowledge of her subject. 

Jeremiah Barber

The popularity of Jeremiah's photography is on the rise in Utah. His work has been a commercial success, purchased for medical offices and hospitals throughout Utah. He also has been commissioned for two high-selling landscape calendars.

Jeremiah’s foundation in photography is based on his lifelong desire to capture beautiful images that speak for themselves. While many have progressed from film photography to digital, Jeremiah, whose foundation is primarily in digital photography, has developed an increasing desire to capture images on large format film.

Jeremiah knows when he has a great image even before it comes time to process it. “When you are out capturing landscapes there is a feeling that tells you, 'this is beauty, this is tranquility, this is what you have been looking for and you’ve found it,'” he says.



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