Art Lovers Treated to a Feast for the Eyes and Soul
Posted on Apr. 9, 2012

Last Thursday, April 5, 2012, the St. George office of Jones Waldo, hosted it's annual art appreciation show and reception.

A packed house of art lovers visited the firm's office, which became home to over 50 pieces of original art. Oil, watercolor, photography, sculpture and even glass work were the represented mediums.

The attendees mingled, noshed and listened to music played by Kent and Sean Sevy. The mood was lively and compliments on the food and art overflowed.

Gian Ferrari gave drawing demonstrations and the rest of the artist mixed with the guests telling stories of inspiration and discussing techniques.

Sheri Taylor from Split Rock Gallery and Marianne Sorensen were the queen bees, making introductions and touting the artists and works. It wouldn't have been a party without them. Tim Anderson worked the business side, making sure clients and colleagues were well taken care of.

Thanks to everyone who made this evening such a grand success. Especially Rachael Naegeli who expertly prepared the food and Brooke Snow for her logistics and cleanup talents.

Here's a few photos so you can share in the fun...


Art 1

Anne Weiler-Brown (far right) discusses her painting with her husband and interested guests.


Art 2

The whole gang from left to right back row: Doug and Diane Adams, Tim Anderson, Gian Ferrari, Seth Winegar, Anne Weiler-Brown, Jeremiah Barber. Front row left to right: Sheri Taylor and Skylar Liu Chang.


Art 3

Paintings by Gian Ferrari.


Art 4

Gorgeous piece by Seth Winegar welcoming guests to the firm.


Art 5

Food and art!


art 6

Gian and Seth talking artist talk.



 Anne Weiler-Brown piece.

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