American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys

The American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys was established in 1992. Mr. Holmgren has been an active member since 1995. Click here to visit his Academy website.

Long Life in Okinawa

Take a moment to watch this video from CNN on the amazing health and long life of Okinawans.

Seinfeld Has An Answer for Everything

In this classic Seinfeld episode, Jerry and Kramer discuss living wills. Although humorous, it makes a great point about the importance of this key document.


Utah's New Domestic Asset Protection Trust (DAPT)

Effective May 2013, the DAPT statute (or DAPT law) provides a powerful way to protect assets from various creditors and especially from lawsuits.

CLICK HERE for full, printable article.

Rules for a Financially Secure Retirement? Do They Exist?
Posted on Nov. 15, 2013

The general increase in life expectancy over the past decade has resulted in a burgeoning interest in retirement planning. While many of us may have an idea of where and when we want to retire, the general consensus is that aging adults simply are not saving enough to ensure a comfortable retirement. Why? Well, for one thing there is no magic, one-size-fits-all number—your nest egg depends on your current age, your expected retirement age, life expectancy, current income, risk tolerance and inflation, among other variables.

Still, there are rough guidelines you can follow to prepare for a happy, healthy retirement:

  • Your savings target should be around 80-90% of your pre-retirement income
  • Your annual withdrawal from your retirement savings should be 6% or less
  • Know your assets. Take inventory of your 401(k), IRA assets, potential inheritance income, insurance policies, investments, real estate value etc.
  • Don’t take Social Security benefits (if in the U.S.) into account, as these are better conceptualized as a supplemental source of revenue rather than a main retirement funder
  • Start early! Experts recommend planning as early as in your 20s. While many of us may be getting later starts, this is a valuable piece of knowledge that can be passed down to children and grandchildren
  • Use a retirement calculator to assess your financial security based on various variables including tax rate, life expectancy and rate of return on savings. 
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