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Jones Waldo’s Technology practice group is a multidisciplinary group dedicated to legal issues in technology-related matters. We draw on the experience of attorneys from various areas of practice, including business, tax, intellectual property, financial institutions, commercial law, and litigation, all of whom bring special perspectives to technology issues.

All businesses have experienced the impact of rapidly developing technology and its increasing integration into business processes. We understand that technology companies have special challenges and opportunities. Our group has extensive hands-on experience in these industries and is able to address the unique financing and technology protection needs of these clients.

Protection of Technology

We secure patent rights for inventions in a number of areas, including inventions falling within the following specialty categories: environmental remediation, nutritional supplements, construction tools and methods, biotechnological instrumentation, chemical compositions, optics, and a myriad of other mechanical devices and systems. We also obtain copyright protection for software and other areas of technology and assist in the protection of trade secrets and proprietary information. On the litigation side, we have extensive experience in lawsuits and arbitrations involving patents, trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition, and trade secrets.

Protection of Product and Business Identity

We secure trademark registrations in the U.S. and most foreign countries, conduct trademark searches, and evaluate the availability of marks and potential infringement claims. We also advise clients in the developing field of protecting "trade dress," product configurations, and "look and feel."

Business Finance and Venture Capital

Our group’s business and securities lawyers have extensive experience in advising parties involved in financing both established and emerging businesses. We regularly provide advice regarding all types of financing, including venture capital financing, private placements, research and development limited partnerships, bank and institutional lending, and public offerings.

Business Organization, Acquisitions, and Taxation

We advise clients regarding alternative business structures available to carry out their objectives, and we assist in the organization of the appropriate entity. We devote special attention to the unique needs of start-up and emerging companies, particularly with regard to business planning. We have substantial experience in mergers, acquisitions, and other reorganizations, including leveraged buyouts. In addition, our tax lawyers advise technology clients concerning international, federal, state, and local tax matters. We also assist in the preparation of employee benefit plans and in counseling key employees on personal tax and financial matters.

Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

We have extensive experience in negotiating and drafting strategic alliance, joint venture, and joint marketing agreements between numerous domestic and foreign technology companies.

Licensing and Distribution

We assist clients with international and domestic technology licensing and the distribution of good and services. Our work in this area includes contract preparation, advice on alternative methods of distribution, and counseling on various regulatory matters, including antitrust restrictions and import-export regulations.


When evaluating the protection of our clients' computer programs, we consider the unique software-related issues of development speed, ease of market entry, market fluidity, changing alliances, and ease of copying, along with the current industry trends, potential product and industry developments, and the effect of those developments on our clients' software protection. We advise our clients about protecting their software through patents and copyrights, and guide them around intellectual property barriers. To increase our clients' return on investment, we assist them with licensing and technology transfer, negotiating and drafting those agreements.

Robinson (Rob) M. Alston (Group Leader)
Daniel S. Daines
Manal Zakhary Hall
Larissa Lee
Ron Poelman
Keven M. Rowe
Travis Marc Wilson
Brent T. Winder