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Jones Waldo's Randon Wilson and Wife Gayle Named Midway's Honored Citizens


Jones Waldo is proud to congratulate the firm’s veteran attorney, Randon Wilson and his wife Gayle, on being named Midway’s Honored Citizens for 2014. 


The couple grew up outside of Midway Randon in Idaho and Gayle in Salt Lake City and discovered Midway after Randon joined Jones Waldo Holbrook & McDonough in 1966. Randon’s senior partner at the time, Joe Jones, introduced him to the Midway area. Soon the family built a home on Farm Road in 1978. Since building the home, the family has participated in every Swiss Days festival, Swiss Christmas and 4th of July celebration.


“This is a great announcement for the firm,” said Keven Rowe, president of Jones Waldo. “Randon and Gayle are a cut above the rest. Our firm has a strong reputation because of the outstanding work we deliver; it is a great honor to recognize one of our most beloved attorneys for his accomplishments outside the firm. Randon and Gayle are great friends of Jones Waldo’s and we could not be more proud of them!”


The Wilsons have continuously contributed to the Midway community since permanently relocating in 1999. The pair assisted in founding the Seasons of Home Gift Shop and the Midway Heritage Foundation which celebrates and preserves the history of the town. Additionally, Randon and Gayle host the Midway Heritage Quilt Guild and Thursday Thread Quilt Guild monthly at their home both of which they supported in the launching stages.


“Gayle and I are very excited and honored to be named Swiss Days Honored Citizens,” said Wilson. “We have a deep passion for making Midway an outstanding place to live and grow. The community has given us so much over the past 36 years. We are eternally grateful that we have found such a wholesome community to spend our lives.”